In February, the Los Angeles City Council voted historically in a 10-0 vote to draft new rules to stop fracking and toxic drilling techniques in Los Angeles - BUT now we need to officially adopt the law! It is about to be presented to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee of the City Council committee and, if it passes, then go to the full Council for a vote.

Big Oil will be fighting this tooth and nail. And we will be contacting you again to come to the committee hearing and then the full Council hearing if you can. But for now, please sign this petition.

Fracking and other extreme oil-production methods in Los Angeles and Orange County use dangerous chemicals, including known carcinogens and toxins that are linked to birth defects, developmental problems in children and can cause harm to the heart, liver, brain, immune, and respiratory systems. It uses too much water in the middle of a chronic drought. And it can cause earthquakes. The Inglewood Oil Field, where they are fracking in the heart of LA, sits atop a fault line due for a 7.4 quake.

Governor Brown has failed to protect Californians. As you know, despite our valiant effort last year to get Fran Pavley to withdraw SB 4, she did not. When it passed the legislature and Jerry Brown signed it, it green-lighted more fracking in our state. And just as we suspected woould happen, DOGGR, the state agency responsible for enforcing the regulations, are ignoring some major parts of it. This past spring, once again the California Legislature failed to pass Holly Mitchell's statewide fracking moratorium bill. Since Governor Brown and legislators have failed to act, cities like Los Angeles and counties like Santa Barbara, Butte and Mendocino are stepping up to protect residents through local moratoria. I myself was instrumental in getting Beverly Hills to pass the state's first fracking ban on Earth Day of this year.

Across the city, we are already seeing health impacts, property damage and dangerous blowouts. L.A. residents are in the line of fire when it comes to fracking and the hazardous activities related to it and the oil industry is working to bring a massive opposition to the next fracking vote. Your Councilmembers need to hear from you now.

Sign the petition to tell L.A. City Councilmembers and Mayor Garcetti to support the motion to pass a moratorium on fracking in L.A.

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