Dear members and friends:

We urgently need your help sending a letter or email to the advisory agency of the City Planning by June 30.

Please send your letter asking to not certify the EIR on hidden creeks, and deny the tract map to:




And email YOUR LA City Council rep if it is not Mitch Englander.  He is on the CC list.  Remember, Englander is running for County Supervisor in our district in the next election.  Let's make it known to him that we are watching his actions on this closely.


The LA City Council makes the final decision. The rest are a part of the process and can also stop or delay the project.



A note to sfvscsepbasin@gmail.com to indicate you have sent a letter is also much appreciated.


Save Porter Ranch, and MANY other organizations, is opposing a very destructive proposed housing project named Hidden Creek Estates. It is planned as a gated-project that is now zoned for 30 homes by L.A. County. A Texas housing and oil & gas developer wants to build this above Porter Ranch in the Simi-Santa Susana mountains. He is asking favors of L.A. City, such as to be annexed to L.A. City and get a zoning change to 188 homes. They are planning to build on the site of an ancient landslide area, which is situated between two creeks, Browns Canyon Creek& Mormon Creek.

This project would probably degrade our local water supply as L.A. City gets a majority of our local water from aquifers in the San Fernando Valley. The local water comes from creeks that flow into our aquifers. Another favor asked from L.A. City is that they want to do grading for the project on land that belongs to the public, especially inside Mormon Creek. Per the L.A. Times, they want to sell houses in this gated-community for between $850,000 to $1.5 million dollars but this luxury housing is not needed. Being gated, this land could not be accessed by most people or wild animals for any reason. They will be removing around 400 trees and, therefore, ruining habitat for the animals who live there.

It is in the Tract Map review stage and we need you to help us defeat the project.

Please send an email to the email address below stating, "I oppose this Hidden Creek Estates project." Letters or email need to be received by Mr. Woersching no later than Tuesday June 30. or you can copy this form below and email it:

Deputy Advisory Agency c/o Mr. Nelson Rodriguez Department of City Planning City of Los Angeles 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard, Room 351 Van Nuys, California 91401 marc.woersching@lacity.org; nelson.rodriguez@lacity.org

Opposition to Hidden Creeks Estates Project, 12900 Browns Canyon Road, VTT-68724 / ENV-2005-6657-EIR / ZA-2013-4153-CU-ZAD-F / CPC-2005-6656-AD-GPA-ZC-DA






Dear Mr. Woersching and Advisory Agency Members:

 I respectfully urge your categorical denial of the Tract Map for the Hidden Creeks Estates Project, VTT-68724, and urge you not to certify the project’s deficient Environmental Impact Report, ENV-2005-6657-EIR.

There is no justification to allow a private development like Hidden Creeks to grade into the adjacent public open space that has been promised to the City from the Porter Ranch Development Agreement.

The Hidden Creeks property at 12900 Browns Canyon Road contains a spring as well as the headwaters of two creeks, Mormon Creek and Browns Creek. These are features much more suited to a public park than a private gated-community, especially since these springs may be the essential water source for wildlife for miles around.

The developer has not established that he has access to this property. He has not submitted any road alignment plans to the Bureau of Engineering. While road alignment in some cases may be something to consider further down the process, in this case, since it is to be the primary entry to the whole community as well as the location of all power lines, street alignment could be a development stopper. Please require that they submit their street alignment plans to the Bureau of Engineering, and give the BOE sufficient time to review these plans for safety.

This tract map includes plans to grade on 9 acres of public open space. If approved by the City, allowing the grading of public open space would be a breach of the public trust.

Furthermore, at some hearings the developer has admitted that they will not build the softball fields and park, the only public benefit, until many homes have been built. The one benefit continually pointed to by many of the residents of the adjacent Porter Ranch community may never come to pass. The existing open space will be irrevocably damaged, while this potential community benefit may never occur.

The Environmental Impact Report for the project remains unforgivably flawed. How can grading over 225 acres of the Santa Susana Mountains and upper Los Angeles River watershed not be considered a significant biological impact?

The EIR is flawed in significant ways. Foremost, is that the EIR was written in 2008. The CEQA process was revised in 2010 to require the inclusion of greenhouse gases or global warming. Because of this major change in the requirements of this document before certification, this document must be revised and a new circulation period for comments for the public must be opened. The car trips of a project of housing so far outside the current city requires significant evaluation. The removal of trees is another factor that falls under this EIR section covering impacts on global warming that should be included by law, and has been overlooked.

I hope that you will recognize your responsibility, and deny the tract map as well as requiring a revised EIR and new comment period.

Thank you for your consideration.





If you are submitting comments regarding the EIR (slightly different from the copy/paste letter we posted) the EIR link is here.



Comments are most effective when they address the weakness of this weak EIR.



The school issue is a real good one to comment on. BE SURE TO CC THE PEOPLE IN THE LINK IN THE LEFT COLUMN!


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