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The Termo Company wants to drill 12 NEW OIL WELLS just to the north of the Porter Ranch / Chatsworth area. Termo says that they don't plan to use FRACKING (hydraulic fracturing) in these new wells.  However, Termo has ALREADY used this process just several hundred feet north of The Highlands at Porter Ranch community and The Renaissance at Porter Ranch.  Sempra (The Gas Company) is also using these types of TOXIC CHEMICAL processes in their wells up there too. This information was obtained by Termo's own disclosure and from the California Dept. of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR).

There are also many "extreme extraction" drilling technologies that use the same and similare toxic, carcinogenic and flamable chemicals as fracking, with the same inherent dangers.  They just have different names.  So when Termo or LA County documents say " fracking..." that is meaningless as to the dangers to Porter Ranch.  It is only meant to sooth and reassure the un-educated masses into letting their guard down and leave Termo alone to drill.


What is Fracking?

 Learn about FRACKING HERE



In brief: Fracking, also called “hydraulic fracturing,” is a destructive process that oil drilling companies use to extract natural gas and oil from rock that lies deep underground. They drill a deep well and inject millions of gallons of toxic fracking fluid – a mix of water, sand and harsh chemicals – at a high enough pressure to fracture the rock and release the oil or gas. 







Spills and accidents are far too common.  The more urban oil drilling they do near Porter Ranch, the more trucks full of these hazardous, toxic materials will drive up and down Tampa Ave. and up and down the dirt roads in the hills that you see from your home just north of us.  Just one accident in all this industrial activity could permanently damage the Porter Ranch area.

Similar to the

Rocketdyne contamination in neighboring Santa Susana Pass near Chatsworth and Canoga Park.


Still going on 30 years later!


And it is NORMAL for some amount of these toxic chemical oil drilling processes to emit toxic, cancer-causing chemicals and neuron-toxins into the air as a normal part of the drilling.  Termo also states that TOXIC WASTE (misleadingly called "produced water" by the oil industry) removed from their oil production sites in Porter Ranch will be trucked back down those hills...and down Tampa Ave.



Scoping is how LA County Dept of Regional Planning (DORP) determins what will actually be in the EIR.  AND the public and interested parties get to ask to submit "public comment" to ask for what they want to be studied in the EIR.


The "public comment period" for the Termo North Aliso Canyon project was extended, BECAUSE YOU ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN, to June 11, 2015.  We are asking, for good reason, that it be extended to July 26.  See the link on the right.


You can still submit your Public Comments.  Comment must be in writing and include your contact information.  See how to submit your comments here:


LA COUNTY DOCUMENT       Go to page 3


Here is an awsome video of Dr. Tom Williams giving us an education on how to submit the "public comments". 




And a brief document to help:



Save Porter Ranch is also looking at another issue: the many HEALTH PROBLEMS that have been reported in our area such an nosebleeds, headaches, asthma, respiritory ailments, and others.  Maybe Termo related, maybe So Cal Gas Company related, maybe both or  something else?  But remember, between Sempra Energy (So Cal Gas), Termo, and other oil drillers, there are approximately 280 oil and gas wells just north of Porter Ranch.  AND they are drilling more all the time.  Many of the health issues reported are typical symptoms of exposure to toxins produced by oil and gas driling and production.  Plus much of the truck traffic, noise and pollution you see and hear is part of Sempra's upgrade activities:

Thank you for your ongoing support!  And YOU MUST continue to educate your friends and neighbors about what is going on here!  The same kind of industrialization of residential neighborhoods is going on all over LA.  Even if your friends don't live here, it will benefit THEM to know about this and then they can see what is happening next to their own homes and schools.

Stay tuned...and stay active and informed!


Save Porter Ranch

was created to stop these new OIL WELLS and likely EXTREME EXTRACION METHODS from ever being permitted by LA County.


Termo's proposed new and currently operating oil wells, and RECENT FRACKING and CURRENT ACIDIZING are adjacent to:

The Toll Brothers Homes developments of:

Porter Ranch - Bella Vista

Porter Ranch - Seville at Aldea

and their new, unfinished: The Bluffs Collection at Porter Ranch

And a couple thousand feet from The Renaissance at Porter Ranch

And the proposed new Termo OIL WELLS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO the planned

Hidden Creek community in Porter Ranch

by the Forestar Real Estate Group Inc.

We are HERE to stop THIS!!!

We are HERE to stop THIS!!!

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