Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council meeting 11/04/15
Save Porter Ranch informal health survey 11/04/15


We STRONGLY urge everyone to come to the PRNC meeting on Wed, Nov 4, 6PM at Porter Ranch Community School.  It will be mostly about the Gas Leak:

PRNC says they will have?
Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s offices
County of Los Angeles Fire Department,  Health Hazardous Materials Division
County of Los Angeles Public Health
AQMD and the LA Fire Dept.

Come and ask them questions and see if we can get to the bottom why this happened to us, WHY they did not see fit to inform us, and WHY SoCalGas denied that there was even a leak!  And how they will protect us going forward, including shutting down any wells necessary to do that.

SO FAR all the info from SoCalGas and LA County (and others, including the PRNC, posted on their website) keeps saying there is NO HEALTH RISK to you (sick people) from this leak.  SO: Save Porter Ranch will be doing an informal survey before the meeting of how this has impacted your health…so get there early to participate.  It will only take a couple minutes…giving your name is optional.  Simply check some boxes (and add anything yourself that we don't know about).  This is much more that any of the presenting agencies have done.

If you can't make it, email  us a synopsis of any health problems you had or still have that you think are related to the Gas: SavePorterRanch@aol.com

and we will add it to the survey.

Remember to also let them know what you think about MORE of this type of danger that The Termo Co. wants to add to PR with the 12 new oil and gas wells they want to drill next to Porter Ranch / Chatsworth.  We don't need any more such risk.

Use this as a chance to document everything about how this has affected your health, your kids health, your pets, any costs especially medical, plans that were changed, stress, worry,  time lost from work and other activities.  Include dates and times.  You can use all this for future legal action.  Everything they say will be public record. 

PRNC will ALSO be talking about their ELECTIONS in April.  Pay attention to the PRNCs individual board members actions (and as a whole) in this crisis and use that as you consider who to vote in or out.


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