The PRNC is having their monthly meeting TOMORROW May 6, 6pm at the Porter Ranch Community School.

Details here:  PRNC MEETING

Termo, the oil company that wants to drill more oil wells here, is doing some kind of presentation at the meeting about the EIR process.  This is similar to the criminal defendant telling us what we should know about how the legal system will handle his prosecution.  Did the PRNC really think this through? If anybody should be telling us about this it should be LA County Regional Planning, NOT Termo.  What is the PRNC up to???  LA County runs the EIR.  NOT Termo!

Regarding tomorrow's meeting that we are stuck with:

A couple months ago, Starbucks made a presentation at a PRNC meeting regarding their liquor license.  Residents were able to ask questions and get answers directly from Starbucks DURING their presentation. THAT is what we must ask the PRNC to do for Wednesday's meeting.  (see below)

As you may recall, when Termo presented in August 2014,  the PRNC gathered YOUR questions and then THEY asked the questions after determining, by whatever criteria, that YOUR question was valid.  That is unacceptable.  If STARBUCKS is able to answer questions about a liquor license then certainly Termo should answer questions DIRECTLY about our HEALTH, SAFETY, FIRE DANGERS, TRUCK TRAFFIC, TOXINS and all the rest.

Everybody: call and email the PRNC and tell them we want to be able to question Termo directly just like we were able to question Starbucks!

Their contact info:  CONTACT THE PRNC


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