Toll Brother advertising says:


"Perched on a scenic hillside high above the San Fernando Valley, Porter Ranch has elevated the master-planned living experience to a new plateau of excellence. With unrivaled amenities, such as the new K-8 community school (and 924 API score), built-in nature areas and 14-acre public park, each Porter Ranch neighborhood includes an array of exclusive features and is privately sequestered behind a gated entry. Porter Ranch introduces a quality of life that stands above the rest."

The DON"T mention that there has been FRACKING and ACIDIZING done in the hills next to their expensive new homes in Porter Ranch.  And many of the hiking trails they advertise as a feature of their expensive Porter Ranch real estate have more and more "closed" signs posted on them.  Oil drilling and fracking and acidizing are dangerous for people to be near.


Toll Brothers has just applied to the City of Los Angeles for a 3 year extension on their developments in Porter Ranch.  Could it be that they are concerned about property values and health problems?  In our door-to door canvasing of Porter Ranch Estates, The Renaissance at Porter Ranch and The Highlands at Porter Ranch, we have many many residents reporting unexplained nosebleeds and headaches...over the last couple years especially


Toll  Brothers  and  Forestar  Realty  Group


We would like to give a shout-out to Toll Brothers home builders and make sure they get part of this new coverage!  After all, they are building now or planning to build hundreds of homes here.  They also have been ZERO help in our effort to make Porter Ranch a better place to live.  

The have been silent, hoping this will all go away and not affect the price of their new developments.  Not caring about the price in health and environment that the current residents are paying.  The ones that already paid Toll Brothers for our luxury homes in Porter Ranch.
Keep watching the news, Toll Brothers.  And you know how to reach us.

To help home shoppers find the connection to oil drilling / fracking and Toll Brothers and Forestar Realty, here are some of what they are selling:
Bella Vista
Seville at Aldea
The Bluffs Collection
The Glen Collection

Forestar Real Estate Group: Hidden Creek
Or Buried Creek, as we call it, because that what they want to do the the natural spring creek that runs through Browns Canyon.  They want to turn that to Brownstone Canyon…pave it over with concrete and houses.
And of course Deerlake Ranch by Forestar Land Partners II,  314-homes at the top of Desoto.
I'm sure we missed some...please email us and we will add them.


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