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Spills and accidents are far too common.

July 1, 2015

Spills and accidents are far too common. 


The more urban oil drilling they do near Porter Ranch, the more trucks full of these hazardous, toxic materials will drive up and down Tampa Ave. and up and down the dirt roads in the hills that you see from your home just north of us.  Just one accident in all this industrial activity could permanently damage the Porter Ranch area.

Similar to the


Rocketdyne contamination in neighboring Santa Susana Pass near Chatsworth and Canoga Park.


Still going on 30 years later!


And it is NORMAL for some amount of these toxic chemical oil drilling processes to emit toxic, cancer-causing chemicals and neuron-toxins into the air as a normal part of the drilling.  Termo also states that TOXIC WASTE (misleadingly called "produced water" by the oil industry) removed from their oil production sites in Porter Ranch will be trucked back down those hills...and down Tampa Ave.


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Oil & gas drilling map

January 1, 2015

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