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Court filing showing data attorneys are trying to get

May 17, 2016




FORMALDEHYDE AND AMMONIA! SCG ALREADY SAYS IT IS THERE! But, according to them, it is not related to the SS25 blowout, so should not be considered. The HEALTH DEPARTMENT BOUGHT IT! And did not test for it.

In this attached court filing, see what other data the attorneys are trying to get.

SCGs "public data" that they have posted ONLY contains data that SCG thinks is “relevant” to the blowout. The truth is that there are other contaminants from that facility that cause the symptoms people are having, such as formaldehyde and ammonia. These are supposed to be measured and reported to the state and AQMD regularly. But SCGs required reporting has huge data gaps! The ones that are available show large amounts of these contaminants. AND they are not reporting those contaminants now in the public data they keep claiming is complete.
SCGs own earlier filings say that OTHER CONTAMINANTS than what came out of SS25 could be the cause of our health problems.

We need to DEMAND from the HEALTH DEPARTMENT and Antonovich and ALL the LA County Supervisors that we get this information. Even the EPA. Our health and our lives are being destroyed. For them to withhold this is a travesty of justice.
SCG is withholding data, and the HD is not being demanding enough to get it.
The County said to our attorneys that they did not test for formaldehyde and ammonia because "nobody reported smelling it". Serious? Formaldehyde is known to cause specific types of cancers that some people have reported and is known to be released from that facility.
Sensitivity to formaldehyde causes rashes, even trace amounts of exposure will cause rash according to many experts.

Can someone post some data on that here please?

Benzine, while an important consideration, is partially a smokescreen to distract from the other problems.

This is likely criminal. And if the HD says "it's safe to go live in our homes", knowing that they don't know all to test for (that said that at the PRCAC meeting) and are NOT testing for formaldehyde and ammonia, (which is knows to be there) are the complicit and negligent?

















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January 1, 2015

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