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Save Porter Ranch is having a FUNDRAISER! Help us protect the North San Fernando Valley and beyond. June 26, 2016. 5PM. Porter Valley Country Club

June 25, 2016

Originally intended for only a small invite list, we are now opening up this event to more people.

Please RSVP to reserve your space by Saturday June 25, 6PM

RSVP HERE with your first and last name
EVENT DETAILS at the bottom



A synopsis of why you should join us is below.  You can also see our full history on our Website and Facebook.  Or just "Google" us!



OUR MISSION since April 2014: 
To protect, preserve and enhance our delicate corner of the Valley by building community awareness through education, advocacy, organizing and strategic partnerships.


A few of our many accomplishments for the residents:

  • We got the oil drilling dangers to the front page and on every local TV station. 

  • Delivered 1000 petition signatures, causing the Environmental report to be required for the Termo oil drilling  

  • Hosted many local forums and education events with 80 to 200 attendees each time

  • Our organization and volunteers have been quoted as subject matter experts in countless national and local news outlets: TV, print, and internet.

  • We launched the "Call 1-800-CUT-SMOG" campaign, the direct result of which was AQMD issuing their Order for Abatement to SoCalGas for their blowout

  • We’ve met with EVERY local elected official, some several times, BEFORE and since the blowout

  • We got the first FLIR (infrared video) of the blowout. Our people lead the video techs up “Methane Mountain”.

  • 8 of us went to Sacramento to educate the legislators regarding SB 380, which was subsequently passed

  • 3 of our supporters including a founding Board member were elected to 3 of 6 seats in the Neighborhood Council elections on June 11, ending years of the PRNC all but excluding residents from any decisions



The biggest problem facing our area is of course The Southern California Gas Aliso Canyon Storage Facility, a proven and ongoing danger to the entire area.  Several 3rd party assessments show that it is not even necessary like So Cal Gas would like us all to believe.
Join us to help us clean it up and



Why are we asking for donations?
There is so much that needs to be done!

  Such as:

  • Just the other day we were asked to bring some people to Sacramento this Monday to educate the Assembly on what happened with the blowout and how it relates to proposed legislation

  • Better interface of coalition partners such as The Sierra Club, Food and Water Watch, and a dozen other environmental organizations, and L.A. City’s own sustainability plans…that we need to push hard to make happen in Porter Ranch  

  • Monitor and push for AQMD's mandated Health Study that So Cal Gas has NOT even started yet, more than 6 months later  

  • Education events all over the Valley, not just Porter Ranch  

  • Fight SCG's ongoing manipulation of 1000s of people and violating a Count Health Department Directive and a Court Order

  • Too many others to list and many yet to be determined actions

  How are we going to accomplish on all of this?

We plan on hiring 1 full or part time staff person to manage it all.   Our many volunteers are awesome but this is a complex responsibility, and it frequently needs a timely response that volunteers often can’t do.  We have determined that hiring one person is the crucial element that will vastly increase our ability to protect the Porter Ranch / North Valley area.  Also the Directors and volunteers have been paying many expenses out of pocket thus far.  It's time to ask the benefactors of our efforts (the entire North San Fernando Valley) to pitch in!
So please come to our event!  Details below.  Our many supporters agree that our track record proves that we are well worth your generous donation, as is the norm at these types of events, so we can protect the Porter Ranch and surrounding communities even more effectively.  If you can’t attend and wish to donate, please go to our website HERE.

Save Porter Ranch is a 501 C3 Non Profit California Corporation.
Donations are tax deductible.


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January 1, 2015

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