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SoCalGas ignoring Everything and plans to reopen?! Come to our protest rally December 21st at SoCalGas in Chatsworth

December 16, 2016

Please go to our Facebook Event and indicate that you are going.


SoCalGas is working on a turbine replacement project at the Porter Ranch Aliso Canyon gas storage facility,


IGNORING the fact that the facility may never reopen, or, they know ahead of time that the State agencies and Govorner Jerry Brown will reopen it.

SoCalGas will hold an Open House on December 21 with Southern California Edison to discuss the status of this project. 

These new turbines will increase the daily gas injection capacity by 50% from 300 million cubic feet per day (MMcfd) to 450 MMcfd. 

This project will put even more stress on an aging, detriorating and dangerous facility leaving residential neighbors and schools more vulnerable to blowouts and the continuing leaks. 

So far, SoCalGas has spent their own money on this project. IF it's completed and IF Aliso Canyon reopens, ratepayers will be on the hook for another $30 million a year to pay for it
AND SoCalGas will PROFIT from this dangerous upgrade.
IF the facility is never reopend, SoCalGas will MOST LIKELY attempt to have ratepayers pay about $200M anyways (the cost of the turbine project) to recover their losses. Utilities have done exactly that in the past: Charge ratepayers for the utilities' neglIgence. 

IF the turbines and the facility go online, the total cost of keeping Aliso Canyon operational will balloon to $70 million a year and gas and power users will pay for it.

We still dont know what caused the massive blowout at Aliso Canyon and can't allow this facility to reopen or increase it's injection capacity until we do.
The state has not even started it's required feasability study to see if we even need this facility at all. 
*** We haven't used any gas from it since January 2016 ***

PROTEST at 4:00 PM outside SoCalGas Office
Open House from 4:30-6:30 PM

Please RSVP to SoCalGas so you can gain entry to the event. SoCalGas may block people from entry or may not allow kids. It is on their property. KIDS are greatly affected by this facility and must be allowd it. Please RSVP even if you are not sure if you will go. Tell them how many adults and KIDS will be attending.
David Meza: DMeza@semprautilities.com
OR CALL: 818-701-3204

This is during school break so PLEASE BRING YOUR KIDS and protest signs! We are making this a big media event.

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January 1, 2015

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