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December 17, 2016


This determination can be appealed. City Planning determination letter HERE

Save Porter Ranch is not opposed to a shopping center. We just want it to be appropriate to our community, and to enhance the community, not enhance the developers needs.
SPR's concerns:
*** We certainly DON'T need 12 more apartment buildings and all those people. How about a school?

*** We also believe that there is a very limited need for a 5 STORY HOTEL WITH 105 ROOMS and banquet facility for local residents. Some…of course. But ANYTHING that is built will get some use by PR area residents. But will the traffic and congestion it brings enhance or degrade the character and enjoyment of our quaint and somewhat bucolic community? Is the occasional hotel room need worth THAT 27/7 price?
Once there is a 5 story building, the next one will be taller, then taller after that.  That what always happens, except in communities that don't allow it via this process.
Plus we have hotels in nearby Chatsworth for our out of town guests.

*** The Environmental Impact Report is decades old. It does NOT take into consideration the many changes in the area since it was completed nor new greenhouse gas laws. It most assuredly does not consider the SoCalGas Aliso Canyon facility and the many more people that will be put in harms way.  Traffic of course will be more of a nightmare…all the time.  Have you tried driving down Rinaldi during rush hour?  That traffic will increase significantly and for longer periods of time.
Even thought he planning commission says no EIR update is needed, that is not the end of this.

This shopping center is intend to bring customers from miles around.  That how it will thrive.  PR residents will use it also but is the size and scope worth the cost?  To get away from this type of congestion is why many of us moved here.
You can drive just a few minutes and have all the tall buildings, theaters,  and hotels you need.  Why bring it ALL here?

We do apologize for the delay in providing this information.  We have been very busy dealing with the #SoCalGasBlowout.  As you all have.


We will post the appeals process shortly.





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January 1, 2015

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