Long Before Celebrities, Lawyers and Politicians Arrived, We Answered the Call to Save Porter Ranch

Since October 2015's Aliso Canyon gas leak, Save Porter Ranch has served on the front lines of community stewardship as media subject matter experts, advising and informing local/regional/ state/national elected officials to effectively meet community needs, holding regulatory and corporate interests accountable, and serving as One Stop Shop for questions about the SoCalGas Blowout for the general public.


Our expertise, experience and resources have been managed at great personal cost since we are also residents impacted by this leak. We've managed to serve the Porter Ranch and greater Los Angeles community while balancing our family relocations amid limited resources. But we continue to serve the greater Los Angeles community by maintaining Save Porter Ranch social media and website, developing outreach materials to educate at community forums and keep area residents updated on the latest critical information for our health and safety.  























Save Porter Ranch was the established, credible media subject matter expert immediately after the gas blowout because we identified the problems and proactively led informing elected officials, local agencies and boards, and the public at large long before methane gas escaped into the atmosphere.




















We've dedicated hundreds of unpaid man hours attending meetings, making public comment, including advising a panel about the liabilities Los Angeles has now accumulated to a hearing panel about the Hidden Creeks Estates project. Save Porter Ranch was a leader in identifying information gaps, filling those gaps and serving as community leaders to navigate the real destruction our community was dealt since October 2015 (and prior).

Before the lawyers, before the celebrities, before politicians, Save Porter Ranch organized with the goal to warn and deter harm to the Los Angeles community from this storage facility, oil drilling, and dangerous, unregulated environmental policies endangering residents.

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Photos courtesy of Hannah Benet